Friday, January 4, 2019

H. L. Rogers Remembered

L-R Bottom:  Grover Syck, Jim Hurt, Larry Pinson, Wendell Proudfoot, Buck Combs, H.L. Rogers, Jr.
Middle:  Bill Childers,    ?   ,   ?   , Bill Hurt, Doug Greer
Top:  H.L. Rogers,   ?

L-R:  H.L., Bobby Combs, Chris Coleman, Brian Gibson, ?, ?

Whenever I reflect on that time, I am always amazed by my Dad.  Here was a man, with a family of eight children, 3 of which were in college during my high school days.  He likely never reached a five-figure income.  Yet all 8 children had opportunity to attend college, some of us able to borrow college money just on his reputation.

He and one helper single-handedly kept-up all the machinery at Shurtleff's Laundry, and kept 6 delivery trucks on the road  He made house calls after-hours to friends for plumbing or mechanical repairs.  He could repair anything up to the time the electronic age settled in.  And still had time to participate in a bowling league and to lead a Boy Scout Troop, including to Camp Shawnee and to Philmont. 

He had unlimitless energy, it seemed, and he liked being busy.  When he lost his leg due to complications of diabetes, I cried nearly uncontrollably because he would never be able to go-go-go like he wanted.  He was a great man and our entire family commanded respect in Pikeville mainly due to him and Mom.

I and my siblings were fortunate to have this father.

You have large shoes to fill.

Best wishes,
H. L. Rogers, Jr.