Saturday, July 7, 2018

2018 Camp McKee

5 this year.
2 First Year Campers.
In case of emergency,...
Night time fun.
Dan Beard was busy.
Ecology rocked this year.
STEM merit badges were popular too.
3:00 Ice Cream every day!
3 old Kawida Section Chiefs.
Working the leather.
Getting ready to raise the flags.
This ain't pizza?
Now this is pizza!
Troop 12 required "Caution" at DQ!
One of my many roommates.
Camo frog.
Friday night campfire fun!
Friendly fire at Campsite #3.
Rare picture.  One of the 1st year campers finally taking a shower, on Friday night.
Leader Thank You Gift.
New Campsite Inspection ribbons this year.
A 7th Year Honor Camper segment has been added.
Great time.
Camp McKee is the place to be!