Sunday, July 7, 2019

3 O'Clock Ice Cream

Over the years, one of my favorite things to do is to buy fellow leaders and Staff members an ice cream, dippin' dots, or other cool treats from the Trading Post, exactly at 3:00 pm according to "my" watch.  During the hottest time of the day, we gather, wait with anticipation, go in and select a choice, and go back out and fellowship with each other and enjoy.  There have been conspirators over the years, that sneak in before hand and anonymously buy an ice cream for me.  That is nice and very Scout like.

3 o'clock ice cream:  It is a small way to say "Thanks", but to be totally honest, I just like eating ice cream with my friends!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

2019 Camp McKee

4 this year.  2 first time campers.
4 old Chiefs.
Minne Mandie!
Old NOAC sign.
Olive drab means real camping!!
"Barry is the Bob Ross of Fire" was said around the fire tonight.
The food was great this year!!!
The best part of waking up, is...
Up early to get this prize.

Camp Site #3 native.
Several out of Council Troops this summer.
Our Weather Rock worked well.
Still going Ga Ga this year.
Lake Beau.
Dynamic Leadership.
No one died.
Flag time.
Troop 12 won the "In & Out Canoe Race"!
Scoutmaster Belly Flop!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rat snake visiting our shower house.
Scoutmaster's gift this year.  Very nice!
Just hanging out is still fun.
Kawida Ceremonial Call Out team.
Patches for sale.
2019 World Jambo 2 piece is very nice.
The Vigil flap is also.
Thanks for the shades!!
Slightly revised new SPL patch.
Troop 12 had so much fun this past week.
A huge "Thank You" to all of 2019 Camp McKee Staff!!!